Rebounds Lab

Rebounds Lab is part of research lab #2 at DAMPF Lab, an interdisciplinary project for innovative and challenging art projects where interactive technologies are involved. The event took place at the Animax Theatre (Bonn, Bad Godesberg) the 5th of december 2003.

Rebounds Lab expresses the composition of 'Rebonds' from Iannis Xenakis
Rebounds Lan focusses on artistic/technical questions that arise for doing live performances and on integrating real time tracking and video processing using a variety of software ( Eyesweb, MaxMSP and veejay )

The participants are Francois Raffinot (choreographer/concept) and Roland Auzet (photo above) (percussionist/concept), Yan Philippe (programming), Sven Mann (sound programming) , Niels Elburg (visual programming) and Bernd Blessmann (Network).

Below is a software schematic that (partly) illustrates the software used, video inputs/outputs and flow of control data. Click the image to enlarge view.

The schematic shows that EffecTV,Veejay 1 and Veejay 2 run on a single box (genuine Intel Pentium 4 with HyperThreading) with three tv/capture cards. Veejay and EffecTV are controled by sending OSC messages from MaxMSP , EyesWeb is used for motion tracking and extraction of parameters to send through MaxMSP; for example giving offsets to the digital zoom in veejay for tracking Roland in front of the mirror and for triggering the rebounce.
Super Collidor was used for live audio recording and rebouncing, by sending OSC messages from MaxMSP.

Changes to EffecTV have been made to include a simple OpenSoundControl server, which will be part of the new EffecTV plugin API or perhaps even in EffecTV-0.3.9
EffecTV has not been used during the live performance but was included in the initial setup and testing phase for showing artists and technicians the capabilities of veejay and EffecTV in combination. The actual performance had a classical approach, i.e. no special effects.